Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ya Gotta Believe...

I think it is probably human nature to doubt and question. We doubt ourselves, we doubt others, we even doubt God. Some doubt that God exists, others doubt that he is all he claims to be in the Bible. Of course, Christians deny this doubt, but I believe the doubt often continues to exist. We say we believe, but we believe in a limited way...believe as much as is comfortable to believe. But, that's not God's way.

The book of Mark gives us a great example of a man who doubted the ability of Jesus to heal his child. The man looked at Jesus and said if you can do anything... I love Jesus' response, If you can! All things are possible for one who believes. Tom Hanks is famous for saying "There's no crying in baseball," but we need to remember that there is no "if you can" in God. God is capable of all things, and the minute we say "if you can," we reveal our own doubts of God's ability.

God is capable of healing, of blessing, and of growing a church. God is capable of saving the souls of thousands, if we will just believe and live like we believe it. I heard a pastor the other day say that we should not be surprised if the number of baptisms continue to drop..."eschatologically speaking, it is just a sign of the times. A drop in baptisms shows us that the end time is near." PLEASE!!!

I wish this guy would act more like the dad Mark's account. When his unbelief was uncovered, he did not try to cover it with theological jargon or make big excuses, he was just honest. I believe, help my unbelif, he said. In other words, Jesus, I believe in you, I have faith in you, help me to beleive even more. Christians, you already believe in Jesus, that's why you are a Christian, now pray that he would help your unbelief when you are tempted to believe that the world is right and the church can't grow. Pray that he would help you to believe even when others in your own church tempt you to doubt, pray that God would help your unbelief and change the world!

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