Monday, August 27, 2007's Godly

Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as yourself." As great as it is for us to apply that to all the big things in life, like poverty and injustices, but what about the smaller thigns in life? You know, loving your neighbor as yourself means doing to your neighbor the things you would want your neighbor to do for you.

What in the world am I talking about? Hey, why not making loving our neighbor our mantra in all of the aspects of life? Give a pat on the back or a word of encouragement, thats a great way to love your neighbor and you will be shocked to discover how impactful that will be. Drop a card in the mail, give a call, do the squishy stuff of telling someone how much you appreciate them.

I know I talk alot about how we love people by being serious about church discipline, but there's more to love than that. Don't just talk about love, live it out in the small things of life. Take it old school and remember DC Talk...Love Is A Verb. So, what can you do? Be creative, bake a cake, visit a shut-in, send a note to your teacher or your favorite Sunday morning vocalist. Watch how love can take over the church when you live it out.

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