Tuesday, August 14, 2007

True To The Word

I'm always searching for things about which to write on my blog. Today, I want to take just a minute to emphasize the importance of being true to the Word of God. As we strive to honor God and to reach others, we must be certain that God's Word, the Bible, is the centerpiece for our efforts. It is never enough to look into a text of Scripture to determine "what is it saying to me?" The most important aspect of Scripture is not "What is it saying to me," but rather, "what is this saying to everyone? "

The Bible is objective truth, not subjective truth. The very minute we reduce the truths of the Bible to what they mean to individuals rather than what they mean universally, we undermine the overarching authority of the Bible. Let's all work to be sure that we are true to Scripture, not merely our version of Scripture.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Craig, I have to agree with your comments. I have recently seen where the truths of the bible have been changed because one man is allowing sin in his home to take place but because people love him and the pastor loves him they have allowed him to become a Deacon. This is so wrong to me and yet when I speak up I am told I don't understand the circumstances or I am being too harsh. The man in question has had some very serious health problems these past few months and somehow that makes it ok to allow a sinful situation. We need to give him the time to correct it etc. He had time to do so but chose not to until the day before he became a Deacon and no one knows if he will allow the situation to come back into his home once this storm blows over. What are we to do in such a situation? How is sin wrong yet ok in some areas because of circumstances or favoritism? This man has allowed an unmarried couple with children to live in his home like it is ok because the couple will not work and support their famliy. This situation has gone on for 7 years although this Deacon has not been involved until recenlty when he married one of the couples mother.Yet he knew what he was getting into and continued to live with this situation for a few months himself. I truly do not beleive he would have changed it but it was brought to his attention that some people in church were against him becoming a Deacon because of it, so a quick remedy came about. I do not believe that this problem has been take care of in a permanant way, just a quick fix to appease some of us who felt it wrong. What's your take on this? How do we handle it, should the sin re-occur in this household while this man serves as a Deacon? I would appreciate your take on this. Thanks