Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Definitely a Post-Christian World

You know we are living in a totally post-Christian world when the Pope affirms the existence of a hell as a "real place" and it makes international news., reporting on an article in the London Times, headline reads "Pope: Hell Is A Real Place Where Sinners Burn in Everlasting Fire." No one is happy about the existence of hell, but the Bible leaves no doubt about the existence of a place of eternal torment for those who will not repent and believe.

The Good News, of course, is that hell is avoidable. Jesus offers salvation to all who will call on His name. Easter is upon us, let us reflect on the is the good news of salvation.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Yet Again

It seems like I do this often, but I have once again posted a link to an article from Albert Mohler's blog. Read and enjoy this piece on tradtional marriage. He says it much better than I would, so no need for me to re-invent the wheel.


In his book, Blog, Hugh Hewitt traces the recent history of the blogosphere and its impact on society and the mainstream media. Hewitt's book is a must read for pastors and church leaders for its eye-opening insight into the world and impact of the blogosphere. My blog, or yours for that matter, has little impact in the large scope of things, but because of its far-reaching capabilities, leaders (both Christian and secular alike) must be bloggers. Blogging enables a leader to share his vision and ideologies with those in his organization regularly without the necessity of daily meetings. Further, for the church leader, the blog enables the entire church to be involved in the vision of the church as stressed by its leader(s).

I encourage Hugh Hewitt's book, and I encourage all church leaders to start blogging. It's not that difficult, and who knows who you will impact!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I know I should probably leave the environmental thing alone, but it really intrigues me. As a Christian, I believe that we have a responsibility to take care of that to which God had entrusted us (I even posted an almost environmental blog a while back). However, global warming has become nothing more than a pseudo-scientific political issue. Many of the "fixes" to global warming provided by the political left leave much to be desired.
So far, no satisfactory answers have been given as to the proper disposal of the newest left wing savior, the flourescent light bulb. As that has been sinking deep into me, I ran across the article links below which suggests that the Hummer H3 is actually more environmentally friendly than the hybrid Toyota Prius. I would encourage everyone to take time to read the article. It will not cause your gas prices to go down necessarily, but it might erase some of that falsely initiated guilt being pushed by Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth.

How Efficient Are We?

Today, I am attempting my first ever blog entry from my Blackberry, the revolutionary device that makes me more efficient...or does it? I just finished reading "To The Golden Shore," the biography of Adoniram Judson, the first American baptist missionary. I was both inspired and convicted as I read of the life and witness of this great man of God, but it was not only his outstanding faith that blew me away. Adoniram Judson accomplished more in his life than most of us colud ever dream to accomplish, and that was in a day before computers and mass transit. All of this caused me to question what I am doing with the many conveniences placed at my disposal.


The fact that I now understand is that it is not the device or technology that make a man efficient, but rather the efficient man or woman who takes full advantage of technology. God has blessed us with technology beyond the wildest imagination of thinkers even fifty years ago, but what are we doing for the Kingdom of God with what we have been given? In other words, of what value is this Blackberry if it does not enable me to reach more people for the cause of Christ. And to you as you read this, because of the computer with which you have accessed this page, you have a tool with which you can impact the world for Christ. So, go forth, be efficient with your gadgets and tools of convenience and change your world with the love of Christ.

SC Lawmakers Pass Ultrasound Bill

South Carolina lawmakers in the house of representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill on abortion Wednesday. The bill, which in no way limits abortions, requires all women seeking abortions to first view an ultrasound of the unborn child and have that ultrasound interpreted and explained by a medical professional. Further, expecting mothers must wait at least an hour after the ultrasound before an abortion can be performed.
Opponents of the bill claim first that it is degrading to believe that a woman seeking an abortion does not know what she is doing, and secondly that it would be painful for those who are victims of rape to have to view the ultrasound. As always, abortion rights activists want the public to believe that less information is more. As conservative Christians continue to be derided as ignorant, non-progressive, and stone-age on issues of morality, it is the radical left abortion rights activists that want less information. Though not the case in every situation, the history of the Christian faith has overwhelmingly been one of education and information. As Christians, we encourage the gaining of knowledge and understanding because we have full confidence that correct information and knowledge is always supportive of our faith and beliefs.


Though I do not doubt that an ultrasound for a victim of rape will be painful, those instances, as always, are extremely rare cases. I am concerned more for the technicians and doctors who will perform these ultrasounds, count toes and fingers, only to find out later that the beautiful life they experienced on screen was ended. I know that for pro-choice advocates, their concern is that the decision of an expectant mother could be swayed by something other than her own self-centered desires. Heaven forbid someone seeking to end a life should have to look at that life first. Arguments were made last year that deer hunting over the Internet with a mechanized gun and a camera was unethical, and yet abortion rights activists in South Carolina argue for killing children without even looking at them. Shooting a man in the back is always unethical, but somehow the equivalent, when performed on an unborn child is celebrated in some circles...NOT IN MY CIRCLE!!!

Jesus Angered

In the account of Jesus' raising of Lasarus in the Gospel of John, an imprtant phrase is often over looked. In John 11:33, some versions of the Bible translate that Jesus was "troubled", and others that he was "angered" in his spirit. Regardless of the exact word used to translate this verb, the truth remains that Jesus was deeply bothered at this point, bothered to a degree that represents a greater emotion and response than sympathy. Jesus was not bothered because the people were crying or upset, after all he too was moved to tears and "Jesus wept." Jesus' indignation went deeper.


The anger of our Lord here shows the love he has for his children. Jesus was indignant, not at the people, but at the root cause of all of this. Jesus was angered at the sin that brought about this event and such remorse. It is no accident that this anger is manifest at this time in Jesus life. He was fixing to enter Jerusalem for the very last time; the time for his crucifixion was at hand. Surely, the Lord understood what it was that he had to do, and he had great reason to have anger toward sin.


In Luke 9:51, we are told that Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem, he knew what had to be done and he was focused on his goal...salvation for us through his death. Jesus must have been incredibly angry at sin by the time that he saw its effects on the people he loved so dearly and in light of the consequence of sin that he would bear just a few days later on the cross. We do not serve a soft Savior, but a Mighty King who was not only angered by sin, he overcame it. Thanks to him we can cry out with the apostle Paul, "O Death, where is your victory, O Death, where is your sting?" It has been erased with the blood of an angry savior on a terrible cross. A Savior who hated sin enough and loved us enough and was obedient enough to do the will of the Father, even when it cost him his own life. What an amazing Savior.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

For All You Dad's Out There

Often times I just can't re-say something as well as it has already been said by another person. I've pasted a link to Al Mohler's blog above where he has an excellent commentary on an article written about the influence and role of dad's in the lives of their children. Check it out!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Let’s face reality, spring is upon us. Soon we will set our clocks ahead and begin enjoying more and more of that luxurious warm sun that seemed far away during the winter months. March 17th brings that traditional rite of passage into spring, St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day has become a secular holiday celebrated with huge parties and lots of alcohol, but believe it or not, it has not always been that way.
In preparation for this article, I did a little research on St. Patrick and the circumstances surrounding the holiday named in his honor. It seems that Patrick was a Catholic bishop who was appointed to Ireland in the Fifth Century. History tells us that during his ministry he won many converts and was widely known for his beliefs. In addition, tradition holds that the shamrock became associated with St. Patrick because he used the three-leafed stem to describe the Trinity to the pagans of Ireland.
So, I don’t just say happy March to you, I say happy St. Patrick’s Day. Wear your green hats and shamrocks proud. Take time to speak of the Trinity with someone who needs to hear about it and spread the good news of Christ’s love. Take St. Paddy’s Day back to its roots, make it all about the gospel.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Now I See

"He answered, 'whether or not He's a sinner, I don't know. One thing I do know: I was blind, and now I can see!'"
-John 9:25
What an exclamation. "I was blind, and now I see!" The claim by this formerly blind man resonates with every Christian who has ever lived. It really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks about Jesus, "I know what he has done in my life." One can scarcely read this passage without being reminded of the great hymn by John Newton.
It's interesting to note that John Newton wrote Amazing Grace following his contemplation on 1 Chronicles 17:16-17: "Kind David...said: 'Who am I, O Lord God? And what is my house, that You have brought me this far?..." The amazing thing about grace is not so much that we have been rescued from our spiritual blindness, but that God loves us enough to do it in spite of our sinful lives. We live in opposition to God, having nothing of value in our sinful condition that will add to God in any way, and yet, He sacrificed to give us life.
The amazing thing about grace is the God who bestows it. John Newton wrote another verse to Amazing Grace, it goes like this: The earth shall soon dissolve like snow, the sun forbear to shine; But God, Who called me here below, shall be forever mine. He is an amazing God who not only saves us from our despicable condition, but actually attaches Himself to us, giving us the right to be called children of God.
Amazing grace! How sweet the sound! That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found; Was blind but now I see.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Overlooker of Sin?

"Neither do I condemn you," said Jesus, "God, and from now on do not sin anymore."
So, does the passage above mean that Jesus does not care about sin? Absolutely not, the only means for forgiveness of sins is repentence and faith. It seems that Jesus' condition for this woman was one of repentance, for the term itself means to turn away from your sins. Jesus' command to this woman caught in sin was to repent, for she had already shown dependence upon him for her salvation.
This is a beautiful picture of salvation as the Bible describes it. First, a person must wholly lean on Jesus for he alone is the giver of salvation. In this instance, only Jesus persuaded these men from killing this woman, she had no resolve but him, and Jesus proved to be the Savior that we know him to be. Further, the command of Christ to go and sin no more is the command to repent. We see all the elements of salvation wrapped up in this encounter. Jesus did not condone her sin or allow her sin, he forgave her sins and commanded her to avoid sinning in the future.
Jesus also forgives our sins, our salvation is dependant completely upon him. He alone can save, and his salvation means trusting in him completely and turning from our sins. Jesus does not overlook our sins, he atoned for them on the cross and commands us to turn from them. Salvation, is of the Lord!