Thursday, March 22, 2007

SC Lawmakers Pass Ultrasound Bill

South Carolina lawmakers in the house of representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill on abortion Wednesday. The bill, which in no way limits abortions, requires all women seeking abortions to first view an ultrasound of the unborn child and have that ultrasound interpreted and explained by a medical professional. Further, expecting mothers must wait at least an hour after the ultrasound before an abortion can be performed.
Opponents of the bill claim first that it is degrading to believe that a woman seeking an abortion does not know what she is doing, and secondly that it would be painful for those who are victims of rape to have to view the ultrasound. As always, abortion rights activists want the public to believe that less information is more. As conservative Christians continue to be derided as ignorant, non-progressive, and stone-age on issues of morality, it is the radical left abortion rights activists that want less information. Though not the case in every situation, the history of the Christian faith has overwhelmingly been one of education and information. As Christians, we encourage the gaining of knowledge and understanding because we have full confidence that correct information and knowledge is always supportive of our faith and beliefs.


Though I do not doubt that an ultrasound for a victim of rape will be painful, those instances, as always, are extremely rare cases. I am concerned more for the technicians and doctors who will perform these ultrasounds, count toes and fingers, only to find out later that the beautiful life they experienced on screen was ended. I know that for pro-choice advocates, their concern is that the decision of an expectant mother could be swayed by something other than her own self-centered desires. Heaven forbid someone seeking to end a life should have to look at that life first. Arguments were made last year that deer hunting over the Internet with a mechanized gun and a camera was unethical, and yet abortion rights activists in South Carolina argue for killing children without even looking at them. Shooting a man in the back is always unethical, but somehow the equivalent, when performed on an unborn child is celebrated in some circles...NOT IN MY CIRCLE!!!

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