Monday, March 26, 2007


In his book, Blog, Hugh Hewitt traces the recent history of the blogosphere and its impact on society and the mainstream media. Hewitt's book is a must read for pastors and church leaders for its eye-opening insight into the world and impact of the blogosphere. My blog, or yours for that matter, has little impact in the large scope of things, but because of its far-reaching capabilities, leaders (both Christian and secular alike) must be bloggers. Blogging enables a leader to share his vision and ideologies with those in his organization regularly without the necessity of daily meetings. Further, for the church leader, the blog enables the entire church to be involved in the vision of the church as stressed by its leader(s).

I encourage Hugh Hewitt's book, and I encourage all church leaders to start blogging. It's not that difficult, and who knows who you will impact!

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