Friday, August 24, 2007

Be Honest...It IS Almost Unbelievable

Angela and I were talking the other night, and I was reminded of just how out there Christianity really is. We talk alot about how much "faith" it takes to believe in evolution, or how insane it seems to be to believe all that is claimed about mormon theology. Of course, for our western mindset, the beliefs of hindus and buddhists seem way out in left field, but just how plausible do the claims of Christianity seem to be against a scientific and rational backdrop.

Let's see...the Red Sea parts and then closes up over a whole army, the walls of Jericho fall because the Israelites march around them for seven days, a child is born of a virgin and that child becomes a man who we discover to be the Son, not of Joseph, but of God, who is eventually crucified and buried and rises from the grave three days later. Honestly, that stuff is just about unbelievable as well. Why then do we believe, and what is our basis?

Hebrews gives us the answer, For without faith it is impossible to please God. God is not pleased for us to have all of the answers, but rather in that we beleive without always having adequate explanations. So, I go out on a limb and say that what I beleive does not make good sense to the world in which I live, but I do not care. I did not make this up, as an old song says, it is this belief in my God that is making me more into his image everyday. So...step on out there, trust God even when it does not make sense to you. God has been doing things that seemed impossible ever since he SPOKE the world into creation.

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