Thursday, April 12, 2007

Your Duty and Privilege

"It is our duty and our privilege to exhaust our lives for Jesus. We are not to be living specimens of men in fine preservation, but living sacrifices, whose lot is to be consumed."
-Charles Spurgeon
In a way that possibly only Spurgeon could say, the statement above is a beautiful challenge to the Christian life. We are indeed living sacrifices, and as such, should we not live in such a way as to be able to say at the end of our years that we gave it all to and for the glory of God and the cross? When I played football (and when I later coached I did the same) my coaches would often say "leave it all on the field." In other words, at the end of the game, you should go home and pass out--give everything you've got.
I submit to you today that the Christian life should be the same. At the end of your years, you should not sit back to relax and grow old. Living for Christ means just that, living for Christ not resting for Christ. Make sure that you leave it all on the playing field of your life, holding nothing back and giving all to the Lord as his servant...a living sacrifice. This is your joy and privilege, don't miss the blessing!

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