Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Who Do We Blame?

Again, as our nation continues to mourn the Virginia Tech tragedy, commentators have heaped reproach upon the university and our culture for the lack of the mention of Jesus Christ in the memorial service, as I wrote about yesterday. I think it is important that we place blame correctly where it lies. We should never depend on our world to proclaim the name of Christ, it is solely the responsibility of Christians.

Though I will admit that I wanted to hear our President, a self-proclaimed evangelical Christian, proclaim the name of Christ and I am disappointed that he did not do that, I am more outraged by the failure of the Lutheran minister to proclaim Christ. As a minister of the gospel, I absolutely want to hear the good news given to these who mourn, but I do believe we are wrong to point fingers at non-Christian representatives of the university who organized the convocation and shared the platform during the memorial service. Christians, and especially any Christian given the special designation as minister must never shy away from proclaiming the name of Christ.

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