Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hopes Falsely Tied to Embryonic Stem Cell Research

It appears as though the New York Times will publish at least two stories on stem cells tomorrow (or today, depending on how long it takes me to write this). The first story reports the Stem Cell Bill that was passed by the Senate today (April 11) with less than enough votes to overcome the promised veto by Pres. Bush. Ironically, the article highlites "emotional" discussion from the senate floor by senators who can see diabetes cured through embryonic stem-cell research. Of course, there is no hard evidence to support this theory which posits embryonic stem cell research asthe cure-all miracle elixer.

You may be wondering why I spoke of irony, well, the irony is that the Times is publishing another article that reports a Study Suggests New Avenue in Diabetes Treatmet. "Thirteen young diabetics in Brazil have been able to stop receiving insulin after being treated with stem cells taken from their own blood, researchers are reporting." In case some of you missed it...they were treated with ADULT stem cells. Of course, no card-toting liberal wants to discuss adult stem cell research because it does not have implications for the abortion debate or the presidential race. We need to wake up here; embryonic stem cell research is a political ploy and too many desperate Americans are being led into false hope on the inflated promises of politicians.

Why kill babies when adult stem cells show so much promise? Further, if embryonic stem cells are the key, why has the Wake Forest Study been largely ignored in the media and apparently by congress. Face reality; its not about your health or mine, its all about votes and Roe v. Wade. PITIFIUL!!!

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