Monday, April 09, 2007

He Won't Die

Many people through the years have speculated as to what it was exactly that caused the twelve disciples (well, minus John) who left Jesus during his crucifixion to be transformed from terrified and spineless to courageous carriers of the gospel who seemed to mock death. Reflecting on Easter, I believe I have at least one answer. Imagine with me as I set the stage:

As one of the disciples, you are gathered in the upper room on Sunday still mourning the loss of the man whom you believed to be the Son of God. Friday was a horrible day and Saturday was not much better...he was dead; and now this strange news that he is not even in the grave and Mary claiming that he is alive. Add to all of that the searing thought that you could be the next one to die at the rage of the religous leaders. Could things really get any worse? And then, just as it seems the world is about to collapse, through the locked door in walks Jesus.

It's like the scene out of some movie, only its better because it is for real...HE IS ALIVE! What could make the disciples so bold, I believe it is this experience. They realized suddenly that they were following a man...a God who was not only their Savior, Teacher, Lord and Friend; they were following Jesus Christ and He was (and is) unstoppable...they couldn't even kill Him. It is as clear as day, we have no one to fear because Jesus can not be defeated and we are His!

Shouldn't we be as bold today?

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