Monday, July 24, 2006

So Much Debris...

We continue to work to clean up debris in the villages from the earthquake. Some of the villages here have been nearly totally destroyed. However, it is exciting to help others rebuild their lives and to show hope in the midst of despair. The most exciting aspect is knowing that we are interacting with people of different faiths and giving them a positive view of Christianity.

Please continue to pray that those whom we encounter will see Christ in us. The perception of Christianity here is not great, but with each brick we remove and floor we sweep and vegetable we chop (the girls have helped in some of the cooking) we are removing barriers and giving people of other faiths a transparent view into the heart of Christianity and the love of Christ. God has used the events and disasters of recent history here to bring hope.

We hope and pray that each of you had a wonderful Lord's Day and we look forward to worshipping at home again soon.

On a more exciting note, we are bringing home tons and tons of pictures...even of KFC. KFC is huge here because the people love chicken. Tonight we bought ice cream sundaes there for $.75 and cones for $.14.

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