Friday, July 28, 2006

A Real Shower

Last night a few of us had the opportunity to stay with an American family working on a teaching farm on the island of Sumatra. It was wonderful to sleep in a bed and have a warm shower. It has been interesting to learn of the different farming techniques used here and to see the other things being accomplished through this project.

Needless to say, as the time draws nigh, we are growing more and more excited about being at home, but we are really enjoying our time here. Continue to pray for us, we leave for home on Monday about noon (that's around 12 am for all of you at home).

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Anonymous said...

Howdy Thompsons!
As an "outside 3rd party" we can safely say Rowdy is just fine. Angela - we ran into Craig's parents and Jeff last night at dinner and we got a play by play on Rowdy's behavior while you've been gone. I think he's had a good time...I'm not so sure his grandparents will want to give him up!!! Keslynne made sure she got her "hi-five" in to Big Rob! David left again tonight (Friday) for Argentina, but Keslynne and I are all about some Beacon when you guys get home!!! We've missed you so! Take care and hurry home!