Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ahh...Western Toilets

Sorry if that seems a bit vulgar, but until you have been without western style toilets, you can't really appreciate them. The culture here uses a toilet that amounts mostly to a hole in the ground, but we have found a few places that appeal to us westerners and we are grateful for that...but enough about that.

We apologize for not posting yesterday, but it got late in a hurry and we were totally worn out. We toured an ancient bhuddist temple. At the top of the structure, we stopped and read scripture. It was really a special time to be reminded that we serve the true God.

Today we had off as well, so we spent it doing some sightseeing. We toured a silver factory and got incredible deals on silver jewelry for Angela, but I won't brag about that. We also toured the old part of the city where we are staying and saw some ancient structures and breathdtaking view of Mt. Merapi spewing smoke in light cloud cover, we have pictures.

Tomorrow we are worshipping in some local churches. A couple of our guys are preaching with interpreters. Please pray for them, we are excited. Our work will begin again on Monday, but we try each opportunity we have with the locals we encounter to share our stories and our hope with them. We love to see our team members share their stories as we pray for them and look for our own opportunities. God has indeed been good to us and we look forward to his continued faithfulness.

Angela is rushing me, so we'll be sure to give you some more info tomorrow. Please contine to pray for us.

Oh, and P.S. I got a blowgun and I am an expert already...Angela is soooo excited.


Anonymous said...

Hannah Sobeski, the Dorman student suffering from cancer, is gravely ill. Please pray for her, and ask that the others in your mission group pray for her as well. She is being treated in Houston, TX. She has developed pneumonia, and the cancer has now spread into her lungs. We miss you and Angela. Please take care and hurry home.

Lynne said...

The first comment was from me...I forgot to sign my name!