Thursday, July 20, 2006

Good Day

Today was a great day. We realized for the first time just how much impact we can have while we are here. Angela and several of the ladies did puppets and ministered to some ladies and children here. She also enjoyed fellowship in the home of a native Ibu (mother) with the other girls from our team. One of the Muslim ladies was impressed with the way that Christians could relate to her. Her stereotype of Christians was very negative, she was shocked at how nice Christians are and how much fun they can be.

My group continued to work with the same church where we have been all week. It is exciting to have a presence in the native communities to show them a different side of America and Christianity than they expect to see. Please continue to pray that the Christian image will be elevated to the level of holiness and love to which Christ has called his children.

We are reminded today that we come to this land with a message of hope. We come to share the light with people in need and distress. Indonesia has been shaken and the people here are anxious for hope. We pray that our efforts rock sterotypes and open doors for hope to be realized in this nation.

Starting tomorrow we have some time off, we are going to visit an ancient Hindu (or Bhuddist, can't remember) temple near here. We'll be sure to get lots of pictures. We hope everyone is well.

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