Thursday, July 27, 2006

Panas sekali

That means very hot. Today was really the first day that the heat got to us. The heat level has exceded South Carolina finally, but it was still a great day. We did some more clean up and Angela and the other girls visited with a family and prayed for one of the children who has sores of some kind in his mouth. The family was encouraged and our women were excited to establish relationships that can carry over beyond this trip.

Today was the last day for Angela and I here in the earthquake region. Tomorrow she and I will leave with three other members from our team to visit an agricultural project on a different island. I am hoping to see a monkey while we are there, if I do, we'll be sure to have plenty of pictures. Maybe we could even get one home to play with Rowdy (that's our dog for those of you who do not know him).

We only have three full days left here and part of two of those days will be spent in travel. We are excited to get back home, but are sad to leave our friends here and the people who have touched our hearts. There is such a need here. We are humbled and thankful to have been able to help in anyway possible, with physical and spiritual needs. Please continue to pray that our work here will not stop when we leave, but that fruits of our labor will be seen for years to come as the soil we have tilled is planted and springs forth fruit in accord with the will of God.

Have a great weekend if we do not get to post before it ends. Someone remind our parents that we need a ride on Tuesday, and Angela wants Rowdy to be waiting at the airport (she has him a bit spoiled, she says he is merely over-loved).

Anyone up for the Beacon on Wednesday? (we had curry brains on our table tonight..mmmm)

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