Sunday, July 16, 2006

Our First Night

Last night we had a good night's rest. This morning we started off with a big Indonesian style breakfast with lots of rice, garlic, and STRONG coffee. Craig is really excited about the coffee!!!!!

We really enjoyed getting know some of our team members better and look forward to working alongside them. Many of our team members have been here before, they have had a lot to offer to us. Their understanding of the culture really helps us to feel as though we fit in even better. For instance, this morning I learned that I shouldn't cross my legs with the sole of my shoe pointing at anyone, it is an insult. Angela also learned that she shouldn't be seen with wet hair unless she is with her husband (that's me).

We have both been encouraged by the passion displayed by our hosts for the people and culture here. It is exciting to know that people from opposite sides of the globe can display such passion and care for one another. Though we are so different from this culture, we are all the same in our need for a Savior. Please continue to pray for our efforts.

Remember to post comments for us to read and to continue praying.

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