Thursday, September 04, 2008

Politicizing The Pulpit

There is little doubt that coming weeks will bring a flurry of attention to the religious convictions and activities of those seeking the offices of President and Vice President. Newsweek is running an article on its website now titled, A Visit to Palin's Church. In this article, I found one quote most interesting.

Larry Kroons, pastor of the Wasilla Bible Church had this to say concerning the Palin's and their regular attendance in the church he pastors:

They attend here as Sarah and Todd in the presence of God, honoring God as God.

During a time when church and even the Christian faith will be politicized, I commend pastor Kroons for his comments. Given the limelight as the pastor of Sarah Palin, this pastor has chosen not to focus on the Palins or himself, but rather to redirect the attention to God. The church of the Living God must never become a political fair to showcase a candidate.

Further, as we stand before God, we stand as His creation. The president of the United States is still a nobody when compared with the awesome power of Triune God. We all stand before God in worship honoring God as God. Anything less is something less than worship.

I do not know Larry Kroons, but I will tip my hat to him today for rightly recognizing the role of the creation in worship of the Creator, regardless of what earthly position that created human may hold.
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