Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Is Divine Election Unfair?

John Macarthur has published an article on the "fairness" of divine election. Because I preached on election last week, this caught my attention. Macarthur reminds us all that we must not view God's election in light "fairness."

I like this quote:

As William Perkins said, many years ago, “We must not think that God doeth a thing because it is good and right, but rather is the thing good and right because God willeth it and worketh it.”

The doctrine of election is evidence of God's love toward humanity. He loves us enough to save us and he does so of his own accord, not at the bidding of any other. God did not have to save us, he chose to do so...that's what makes it so amazing and so beautiful. Is it fair? Absolutely not, we deserve only his divine wrath and yet he extends to us his glorious grace. I'm glad God is not fair, otherwise there would be no hope.

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