Monday, September 22, 2008

Green Bible Not Likely To Upstage The ESV Study Bible

I posted a video last week about the new ESV Study Bible. Some folks (maybe even me) are downright giddy about the introduction of this new study tool. However, Time is out with an article about another new Bible publication that is getting news: The Green Bible.

In The Bible Goes Green, David Van Biema writes,

On Oct. 7, HarperCollins is releasing The Green Bible, a Scripture for the Prius age that calls attention to more than 1,000 verses related to nature by printing them in a pleasant shade of forest green, much as red-letter editions of the Bible encrimson the words of Jesus.

No one questions whether God cares about his creation, the ultimate question we must ask is whether or not creation is God's greatest concern. The Bible, though it may speak of creation care, is not a book about creation. The Bible is a book about God and his offer of salvation. The Bible has God for its author and salvation for its end.

Though we should protect the earth God has given us stewardship of, we should also not be surprised that it is wasting away. It is scarred by sin just as we are. The Bible is a book that speaks of God's redemption from sin and that redemption is total. The most promising fact of creation care that we see in the Bible is that God will give us a new heaven and a new earth.

I'm not saying that the Green Bible is bad (after all, its no worse than say, the Leadership Bible), it just shows the creativity of publishers who wish to sell books to consumers. Harper Collins has found a niche audience and they know that they will be able to sell their unique product to a certain group of people.

As for me, I'll stick with my black leather, black letter ESV. It's not green, but praise God is is good.

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