Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hindu Mobs Destroy Christian Churches

The Austrailian is reporting that mobs of Hindu fundamentalists destroyed at least 14 churches in the South Indian state of Karnataka.

Sunday's violence -- in which the churches were attacked in a co-ordinated 15-minute onslaught across three coastal districts -- follows weeks of anti-Christian militancy in the eastern state of Orissa in which 18 people have been killed and thousands forced to flee from their homes and take refuge in the surrounding jungles.

The article cites as the cause of the violence, the conversion of many Hindus to Christianity. The violence, however, has led some to abandon their Christian faith to save their lives, and the Times of India reports the violent attacks have now spread to police in retalitaion of their arrests of church vandals.

The Voice of the Martyrs explains the recent outbreak of violence this way:

On August 23, widespread violence erupted against Christians following the assassination of World Hindu Council leader Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati, the alleged mastermind behind the December 2007 attacks on believers in Kandhamal, Orissa State. Saraswati was killed with four of his followers. 30 men believed to be Maoist extremists, stormed a religious center in Kandhamal and opened fire, VOM contacts reported.

"Despite evidence indicating that Maoists are responsible for Saraswati’s murder, several Hindu militant groups have blamed Christians," VOM contacts said. "As a result, Hindu militants have launched attacks on Christians throughout the state, setting buildings on fire and beating and killing believers in at least 12 districts. The Voice of the Martyrs has been receiving numerous reports on this developing crisis. At present, it is difficult to know the full extent of what is happening to Christians in Orissa State.

Persecution of Christians continues well into the Twenty-First Century. As the blood of these saints water the soil for the spread of Christianity, let us pray for their perseverance and praise God that they were found worthy to be so highly prized. A missionary friend in Indonesia once told me, "The cross is spelled R I S K. We risk our lives for the spread of the gospel." These Indian Christians have risked their lives and paid the price, but we praise God that their heavenly reward will be monumental.

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man dats wack 4 fo sho dis why we need 2 pray fo all our homies and da brothers in da Lord
Peace God Bless
Jamen Jones
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