Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Parenthood, Politics, and Unplanned Pregnancy

Obviously, it goes without saying that Sarah Palin's daughter needs to be left alone. A 17 year old kid does not need th media spotlight, however, it has fallen upon her. The Palin family is experiencing a family crisis that many encounter, but that none ever hope for.

I am excited to know that her parents have done the proper thing in supporting her during this difficult time and that they have maintained their commitment to the sanctity of life. Parents, this should be a talking point with your children. I am concerned, however, that in our praise of she and her parents for being staunchly pro-life, we may have forgotten to mention that the Bible holds us to a standard of sexual purity outside of marriage.

Jamie Lynn Spears garnered the national spotlight when she gave birth at age 17 and now, with another public figure poised to do the same, we must address the negatives as well as the positives. We celebrate the life that will be born, but as Christians and as parents we must also speak to the fact that sex outside of marriage is still wrong even thouth keeping the baby is right.

Parents, speak to your children about the whole situation, and not just the politically charged parts...pregnancy is the result of sexual intercourse, and, biblically speaking, sex is reserved only for the marriage bed.

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