Monday, February 25, 2008

Unaborted Baby Surpasses Doctor's Expectations

In an age where a "normal" child is the only acceptable baby that shoud be allowed to be born, doctors in in the UK must surely feels some remorse at the suggestion to abort a child who was subsequently born healthy and is not teething and attempting to talk. Click here to read the full story of a child who has surpassed all expectations. Because a set of parents chose life for their child, they have been blessed to discover that doctors were wrong.

This story should serve as a wake-up for anyone who favors aborting "abnormal" or "unhealthy" children. Doctors can and sometimes are wrong. All life is valuable and every child should be given the opportunity to enter this world. Not only is the phenomenon sweeping western culture to abort unhealthy babies terrible because it devalues human life that does not fit the prescribed patterns, it is also terrifying because we are losing healthy children to abortion based on probability of birth-defects.

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