Thursday, February 14, 2008

My iPod

I haven't dedicated a blog to my iPod yet, but today is a perfect day to do that. I got my iPod for Christmas and, considering I had bordered on coveting iPods for a few years now, I was very excited. It is loaded with music that many people do not enjoy, podcasts, sermons, and even lectures from universities and seminaries around the country. My iPod is just that, MY iPOD. I listen to what I want to listen when I want to listen.

Thats great for an iPod, but unfortunately, many people want a church just like that. You put into it what you think it should have and expect to push a button and get what you want. You show up at church expecting the church to bow down to meet you. The big problem with this view is that it does not fit with what the Bible says the church is supposed to do. The church exists to glorify God and reach people with the gospel. The church is not your weekly therapy session, or your tyrannical domain, or the last great democracy where your voice can be heard loud and clear. It is the church of the Living God.

How different would our world be if God's church were more interested in what God wants than in what each individual wants. Imagine the liberation for pastors who never had to hear, "well, thats not the way we usually do it (For the record, if you keep hearing that, come to Malvern Hill and let our people love on you)." God is the one with the play button and he is choosing the play list, we are responsible to act with him, not to DJ the show!

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