Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pray For Your Children

God has given us as parents a special task and responsibility. Namely, that of raising his children to be Spiritual champions. We are to raise our children in the "fear and admonition of the Lord." Outside of maintaining my personal relationship with God, there is no other task more important in my life than leading a godly family. That means that I have the God-given responsibility to be a godly husband (first) and a godly father to my son. Even my responsibilities as pastor do not come before my responsibilities as husband and father. After all, as a pastor setting an example to my people, how better can I do that than by loving my wife and child as God has commanded?

I prayed for and with Wyatt this morning. You know, he has no idea what that is all about...yet. But, God hears my prayers and he will hear yours. Are you trusting God to care for your family? I encourage you to do so! Just as I praise God everyday for Wyatt, I also pray to him for guidance in parenting and I pray for Wyatt's salvation at an early age. I also pray for his future wife, and even for her parents as they raise her. So, I may not know who you are yet, but for those parents out there raising a godly daughter that will one day be my daughter-in-law, you were prayed for this morning. I believe God hears and honors these prayers.

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