Monday, August 25, 2008

Praying For Rain?

A church sign down the road has this on it:

"If you pray for rain you better be willing to deal with a little mud."
As we pray for God's blessings in the church, we need to realize that even his blessings can create a little difficulty just as a much needed rainstorm causes difficulty driving and standing water in my backyard. We do not reject the rain just because it causes us difficulty.
In the church, as God blesses and the church grows, things might get a little muddy. Classrooms get crowded, your favorite pew gets packed, and who knows when you might get into the ladies room...but these are not bad things, they are evidence of God's blessings on his church. The "mud" isn't a bad thing, but it can still be sticky.
God we pray for the rain and for the wisdom to deal with the mud it brings!

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