Monday, August 18, 2008

Bulimic Believers

I spoke yesterday in my sermon about anorexic believers, those who refused to eat from God’s word. I was talking about this last night and the concept of bulimic believers came up. Indeed it is a terrible thing to not be in the word of God, but how much worse to know the word and to reject it.

Bulimic believers may eat heartily from God’s word in personal study and active church participation, and yet spit it out of their mouths when the time comes for obedience. Bulimic’s get the taste of food and the joy of eating, but they never experience the nutritional value because they regurgitate it shortly after eating it.

Bulimic believers never experience Spiritual nourishment from the word of God because they vomit it back out. Heaven forbid that any of us would ever look to the word of God to satisfy our taste buds without accepting it’s full measure of spiritual nutrition.

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