Thursday, August 14, 2008

Elected Office and Extra-Marital Affairs

It should be devestating to all of us to see yet another elected official fail morally. Regardless of one's political views, anytime a marriage is on the verge of destruction, it should cause Christians to mourn the situation. However, the latest situation regarding Senator John Edwards underscores the conclusion of a Christianity Today article that I cited in June (click here) showing why virtue trumps policy in choosing men and women to lead us in public office.

The news media always acts surprised when these affairs are reported and they receive tons of coverage, but should we be shocked when people of weak moral character fail morally. We place elected officials on a platform and glamorize them without ever calling into question their own convicitions and values that make them qualified to lead. The personal life of a politician is definitely bearing on their public policy because it reflects their moral character and great leaders need to be men and women of strong moral character.

As Christians, we must continue to hold fast to character as a necessary qualification for holding public office. I was saddened once to hear a Christian man defend Bill Clinton's infidelity. We should never allow our political allegiance to override our allegiance to the word of God. Democrat, Republican, or independant, we are Christians first and we must allow our Christian worldview to play a major part in our selection of political candidates.

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