Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Once in a Lifetime

I read a quote from the Little Rascals this morning,

You only meet your once in a lifetime friend...once in a lifetime.

You know, that is good thinking. You better take those once in a lifetime friendships and make the most of them. Those are the relationships that grow closer with age even sometimes when the physical distance in between seems to grow exponentially. We are all blessed if once in a lifetime we are given the chance to have that once in a lifetime friend.

God has created us as relational beings, that means that friends really are a gift from God, just as are our spouses, parents, and children. Relationships are God's way of keeping us from being alone, but they should also be our way of growing closer in our relationship with him. Relationships make the world go 'round. Make more out of your relationships than business contacts and networking opportunities...make the most out of them. Sure, you might not make your millions this way, but when those millionaires are recounting the friends they've made, destroyed, and lost at age 70, you'll be sitting with your good friends sipping iced tea in a plastic chair, knowing that you are enjoying the good life!

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