Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Absence of Art in Modern Culture

I recently heard Albert Mohler say that Modern Art is essentially a rejection of the Christian and classical view of art and aesthetics. Classically, art has been relegated as those things which are good, true, and/or beautiful. A definition of art, then, definitely leads one to think immediately of Lynyrd Skynyrd, right?

Well, not necessarily, but it does give us insight into our culture. What is viewed as art in our postmodern culture seems to be a total rejection of good, true, and beautiful. From music, to cinema, to all kinds of visual and creative arts, much of what passes as art today is hideous, false, and sinful.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, nobel prize winning writer, defined the role of the author or artist as that of truth-teller against lies.

As Christians, are we actively seeking to reform all of our culture with the good news of Christ's resurrection. In the end, God will redeem all things to himself, even the earth. How awesome would it be if we as Christians decided that we were going to work at redeeming our culture now, I believe God would be pleased with that.

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