Monday, July 07, 2008

Does Language Matter?

The cry of liberal theology and postmodern thought is that language is fluid and definitions change. This argument is used to twist the Bible (and as we have seen in recent years, the U.S. Constitution) to fit a person's specific situation supposing that it is a living document that must change with time. Thus, moral issues outlawed in the Bible are overlooked in many mainline churches on the basis of this "living document" theory.

The Bible makes clear that it is living (Hebrews 4:12) and active, but understand, it is living in the sense that it is able to bring about change in the lives of those who read and encounter it's contents. Truth is constant and unchanging, thus, what the Bible meant 2000 or more years ago is the same as it means today. The word of God must be read within its context, but the change in context does not equal a change in truth or definiton.

To propose a "living document" is essentially a reversal of the protestant reformation. The reformers were clear in their assertion that the Bible is the authority of the Christian community and the church is subject to its authority. The church exists under God's authority which is revealed through his word. Truth trumps tradition and ideology.

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