Thursday, July 10, 2008

An Encouraging Word

The television and radio ministry of Spartanburg First Baptist Church is called, The Encouraging Word. I'll be in Spartanburg tonight at their student facility (The Hangar) speaking to a large group of teenage girls for an FCA Volleyball Camp. The camp is one of the highlights of my summer, I really have a ball, and needless to say, I am incredibly stretched when I step into a room full of teenage girls.

Pray for me tonight! But, back to the issue at hand, how often do we share encouraging words with those around us? I wonder what the Christian church would look like if Christians were more excited to share a word of encouragement than they were to point out fault in another. What if you wrote a note of thanks to your worship leader rather than talked about the note that he missed on Sunday morning. How about patting those high schoolers on the back rather than talking about the shoes they wear.

God the Father was a great encourager. On at least two occasions, we see the Heavenly Father opening heaven and recognizing his Son for all that he was doing and speaking words of encouragment to his life. Apparently, even Jesus was impacted by words of encouragement. Next time you are tempted to criticize, check for the plank in your own eye first (click here for a clear understanding), and then see if there's not a way that you can offer a positive word of encouragement instead. Who knows, you might even receive a blessing from it as well.

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