Monday, May 26, 2008

With Age Comes Wisdom (AKA: Sometimes we need to be quiet)

It is true that the blogosphere is dominated by younger generations. I do not have any scientific data to back this up, only my experiences. Let me say that I am sometimes obsessed with blogs, I even have a book by Hugh Hewitt called Blog (which I highly recommend), which claims to be a guide to understanding the information reformation. Blogs have given anyone with a computer and an internet connection the opportunity to be a published author and to have your ideas read by hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people.

With this technology, I would suggest, especially to those younger generations, that we temper our blogs with humility and respect. I just read the blog of a masters level student blasting a theology professor in an accredited seminary with absolutely no respect for the professor's credentials, accomplishments, or heart.

This reminded me of Paul's instruction to Timothy, Do not rebuke an older man but encourage him as you would a father (1 Tim. 5:1). Let us all remember that with age comes wisdom and often temperance. It is our responsibility to stand for the truth of the Word regardless of age, in fact, Paul also commands that even young men be an example to all.

Let me offer this suggestion, before you get too excited about how much you know at 25, 26, 27, or 28 years old, remember that Timothy was probably older than that and was still being called a young man. Remember also, that those men twice our age have had access to twice as many years of learning and experience. May we all be quick to listen to our elders and slow to speak...who knows, we migh actually learn something from them (and, they might even be more open to our ideas if they see us as respectful rather than repugnant).

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