Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Where Are You Needed?

In an age of consumer driven church life, everyone seems to be looking to be "fed," but I wonder how many of us consider our ministry options not based on what will be best for me, but rather on how can I best be used in the kingdom of God? Of course, I'm not just talking about church members here, I'm talking about church leaders too. How many pastors, associate ministers, teachers, etc... consider their vocational options based on where the greatest need is rather than where can best fit my desires for advancement?

We need to be careful when considering movement in our life. The place of my greatest desire may not always be the place of the church's (universal church) greatest need. Keep these things in mind the next time you are considering your next place of ministry (vocational or voluntary). Sometimes the small church down the road has a much greater need for your leadership as a deacon, than the large church does for you as a pew sitter. Where will you most impact the Kingdom?

Sheep feed's called grazing. Shepherds lead sheep to the grazing grounds. So, shepherd, where do the sheep need your leadership the most? Sheep, feed yourself and see where you can best serve. It is never the pastor's responsibility to "feed" you, only to show you the way.
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1 comment:

Dorothy said...

Craig - i saw russ reading your blog a few days ago, and i sent it to my reader - it is interesting that with our different backgrounds and views, we face many of the same challenges in ministry. i even found myself agreeing with your most recent posts...gasp, especially this and the one on pentecost - once i get past the baptisty language that is.

anyway - hope your family is doing well - you have a birthday coming up soon don't you? blessings on your ministry brother!