Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rules Equal Freedom

We find true freedom in submission to the commands of Christ and under his lordship. Christians, at least most Christians, would claim to belive this, but how well do we truly exemplify this in our every-day lives. For instance, do we bow to the commands of Scripture always and rejoice in the freedom we find in those restrictions?

Western culture seeks to throw off all rules and defend "personal freedom," but the absence of rules does not equal freedom, it leads to danger and disaster. I read recently that one may feel totally free when driving at 100 MPH, but if the road is only built for a speed of 35 MPH, going off the side of the mountain, the driver will soon realize that he was not free at all, he was stupid. In like manner, obeying the commands of God give us freedom to live into the abundant life that Christ has given us.

Avoiding sexual immorality seems crazy when you want to sleep with your girlfriend in high school, but when she gets pregnant, you realize that you lost your freedom because you disobeyed God's commands. Gluttony seems fun, but heart disease will keep you from the activities you enjoy. Ultimately, however, the greater freedom we lose is freedom in relationship with God when we are separated from him by our sin.

Rules and guidance free us up to live as God has called us to live. Live for his glory and into his blessing by exercising obedience in your everyday life.
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