Monday, May 05, 2008

Pray for Myanmar

Report: Almost 4,000 Killed in Cyclone, 3,000 Missing

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is recovering from a devastating cyclone early Saturday morning. Myanmar is special to baptists, as Adoniram Judson, the first American Baptist Missionary, spent his life ministering to the people of Burma. Burma was then and continues to be today, a country hostile to the spread of the gospel. However, in times of great disaster, Christian witness through mission efforts providing relief often open the door to the gospel in ways not known before.

For instance, in Indonesia, after the devestating tsunami, areas of the country that were previously closed to Christianianty opened their doors wide to receive Christian relief workers who provided food and clean water in the name of Christ. In fact, in these predominantly Muslim areas, the question often asked was, "where are our Muslim brothers?"

Pray that through this horrible tragedy in Myanmar, a new opennes to the gospel may be found. Pray for our missionaries who will no doubt be on the scene soon providing disaster relief, and eternal hope with the message of Christ.
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