Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Walking Into The Next Room

Last night I got a call that a lady in our church passed away about 6:00. Ms. Anne was one of those special people with extraordinary faith. I tend to look at heaven as a distant reality that is hard to even fathom. However, for Ms. Anne, after being diagnosed with a terminal condition just after Thanksgiving, heaven has been a much more immediate reality. In fact, in talking to her it seemed that dying and entering into heaven was much less like a huge leap across worlds and much more like stepping from one room to the next.

I really believe that is what faith is supposed to be. I do not know everything, but I do know that I want faith like that someday. A faith that knows God is closer than any brother and that the promises of the Bible are not distant dreams but are present realities to be grasped and experienced. Stephen had a faith like that (See Acts 7)...I want a faith like that. I hope that you will join with me as I continue to traverse this spiritual journey to acquire a child-like mature faith in our Savior!

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