Monday, June 04, 2007

Christianity...A Religion of Extremes

In his book, Orthodoxy (written around the turn of the Twentieth Century), G.K. Chesterton makes some claims about Christianity that are worth repeating today. In a church culture that seeks often to soften the edges of Christianity to make it more viable to an increasingly unchurched culture, Chesterton's views seem radical, but maybe it is this perspective that could resound as a fresh sound to secular America.

Rather than try to explain away the paradoxes that exist in Christianity, why not embrace them radically and excitedly. Christ and his religion is not one for the weak at heart, for it was Christ who introduced a new morality. Christianity has divided the criminal from the crime. "The Crimiinal we must forgive unto seventy time seven. The crime we must not forgive at all." It is this paradox in Christianity that makes it possible for Christians to speak truthfully about loving a sinner and at the same time hating the sin of which that person is a part.

So, though you are a sinner, I will love you and forgive you as often as you sin, but I will never erase the wrongness of your sin. In other words, I will love you excessively and hate your sin with a passion, and I will do it all in the glorious name of Christ so that you might experience His love and grace.

So, to those of you who may read this with utter disdain for Christianity, or to those who may know someone in that place in life I say this: "Let us love you for who you are even as we hate the sin that has made you to hate us." Give Christ a chance, He will love you more than you have ever been loved before and will fight with His own life against the sin that has enslaved you! What a God...What a Savior!

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