Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Excellence Does Matter

I am still very excited about Sunday morning's service. My excitement for Malvern Hill seems to grow every day. I am confident that God is going to do a great work through us as we endeavor to lead, learn, worship, and live all aspects of our lives with excellence. God is looking for more than our leftovers, let's all be sure that we give Him our very best. After all, he deserves it, desires it, and demands it!

On another note, I still think its a good thing that I "don't look like a pastor." I am so excited that God is using me to minister to everyone here, even if I don't look the part. Who knows, maybe thats just what Malvern Hill needs, a pastor who doesn't look like a pastor. Invite your friends, maybe thats just the kind of church they have been looking for and never knew existed.


The Geek said...

Is this just your attempt to let them know that you plan on wearing jeans and flip flops?

Anonymous said...

We feel very blessed to have a pastor who has a vision, a passion, and the God-given talent of preaching...regardless of whether or not he looks the part...or wears flip flops.