Thursday, May 31, 2007

Traditional to Transformational

I just read an article that really sparked my attention. Well, actually it wasn't the entire article, but just part of one sentence in the article. A pastor, in describing the process of his church over the past 18 years said this, "we've taken the church rom traditional to typical to transformational." That's a great statement!

Everything in life runs in processes. For churches, and any organization really, if processes do not grow and change, then the end result is not health, but death. Many people argue over whether churches should be traditional or contemporary, but who can argue over whether a church should or should not be transformational. The gospel transforms lives and "be transformed" is the command of Romans 12:2, therefore, in discussions over worship style and church structure, I would like to suggest a new vocabulary today.

Let us no longer ask if our churches are contemporary or traditional, let us instead ask if our churches are performing or transforming. If we are merely performing because that is the way we have always performed, then rest assured we are not transforming our world for Christ. If instead we focus on the transforming nature of the gospel and the need for all to be transformed, I wonder how our churches would change to reach the world for Christ!

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