Monday, March 30, 2009

Hard Hitting Sermons

Sometimes, my sermons are pretty harsh. It's just my nature to be blunt and loud, but it's the nature of God's word to divide and conquer your flesh. I once heard an old preacher say that if it seems as though the preaching of God's word is stroking the cat the wrong way, it's not the job of the pastor to change the word, it's the responsibility of the cat to turn around.

When my preaching is loud and abrasive, my concern and prayer is that my tone will not overshadow the message of God's word. I hope that my messages always convey the love of Christ to his people and the love of this pastor toward his church. My prayer is that my love, however, will always be true love that speaks the truth and never feigned love that lauds sin in the name of being nice or elevating self-esteem.

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Anonymous said...

Seems to me the hard hitting sermons with 'harsh words' are those that need to be heard the most. I can't imagine Jesus speaking in a low, controlled voice to all those he encountered.

Keep preaching the truth in love as you always do. God will be honored through it.


Mark Hollingsworth said...

Congratulations of your acceptance into SBTS. Yes, sometimes the message must be hard hitting but I think as long as it doesn't totally overshadow the love you have for the saint or the sinner, it is valid. Speak the truth in love whatever the truth is that we preach from God's Word. I think our hearers can tell if it is mean-spirited or from a heart of love.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You Loud? Can't imagine!

Chris said...

The "hard hitting sermons" are what I admire about you. Your ability to be straight forward, yet have a loving heart is an awesome quality that you have. I look forward to your Sunday sermons - with you, one never knows what they will get! ...a blessing for sure! :)

Chris :)