Monday, March 10, 2008

Looking Like A Pastor

One of my favorite comments in the world is, "you don't look like a pastor." Of course, this usually causes me to ask, "Well, what does a pastor look like?" I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be middle-aged and overweight, or have a bad sense of humor, or always wear a suit, but regardless of what it is, I apparently do not fit the mold that many people expect of a pastor.

I'm OK with that. In fact, sometimes I consider that a compliment. My hope and prayer, however, is that regardless of how I look, I always remain a pastor through purity, commitment to God's ministry, and devotion to the Word. Its really OK if I don't look the part, but I am committed to acting the part. You know, the part where I give it my all to teach and preach the word of God and model Christian living to the world around me by being a godly husband and father as well as a committed pastor.

Pray for me that I will always be the part of pastor even when I don't look the part.
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1 comment:

Joey said...

What is up Craig? I think its a good thing that you don't look like the pastor type. Sometimes when I think of "the pastor type", I think of tall men in suits and who are intimidating. Having the face of you, Craig Thompson(is that how you spell it) makes you look more inviting and makes people want to talk to you. I would definitely take it as a compliment.