Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Evangelism...Thats It?

I think that the programmatic approach to evangelism that yielded results in previous generations has prompted many Christians to believe that evangelism is this big program for which you must be perfectly trained. I would encourage every Christian to have evangelism training, but it is important to realize that the early church did not produce books on evangelism or have month-long studies. No, evangelism was a simple act of telling others about yourself and what Jesus had done in your life.

In the case of Andrew, we see that much of his evangelism was simply taking someone to Jesus. That's right, the conversation must have been like this..."Hey, Simon, come with me and meet this guy." WOW, Andrew must have had a Ph.D. to have been able to share Jesus that way. Seriously, that's what invest and invite is all about. Grab your friends and take them to Jesus. Invite them to church and invite them to a relationship with Christ. Go for it...I know you can do it.

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