Thursday, October 04, 2007

Theology vs. Leadership

It seems obvious to me that many large churches of today are large because they have incredible leaders as pastors. That has caused me to realize that one of the greatest needs in the evangelical church today is great leadership from pastors. It is our responsibility as pastors to seek God for the direction of the church and then to run full bore to see that direction fulfilled. Pastors must be great leaders.

However, leadership can never be pursued at the sacrifice of theology. If we as pastors neglect to be theologians, we neglect to be the shepherds God has called us to be. A great leader might grow a corporation or a country club, but a pastor is called to be more than a great leader, he is called to be the shepherd of God's flock. For that reason, we must strive to be leaders and scholars.

Theology and leadership do not stand as opposite ends of a spectrum, but both are essential for effective pastoring in the Twenty-First Century. After all, growing a huge church on flimsy theology is dangerous for those who would have a false sense of confidence in a lesser God than the Bible teaches. Pastors, LEAD AND TEACH. Be the pastor, not the leader or the professor. We, as pastors, must strive to be ALL that God has called us to be and not just part.

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