Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Not That Hard

I've had several people come to me lately and tell me, "you make it easy to understand your sermons." Well, I think that is primarily because I have to be certain that I can understand them before I preach them:).

But, you know, it is important that we make our faith understandable. Jesus spoke in such a way that people understood what he was talking about. Paul did the same thing. As Christians, we've got to be sure to speak in such a way that others know what we are talking about. There's no reason to make Christianity harder than it is...the whole concept of dying to self is difficult enough without talking about soteriology and eschatology.

I don't have to sound smart to be biblical, and neither do you. Throw away some of your church words and use Christ's words. You might be amazed when people look at you and say, "wow, you make it easy to understand the Bible."

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