Thursday, July 05, 2007

Big Word of the Day

I just learned a new word…a big theological term. The word is Aseity, and essentially it means that God does not need us. God created us, not because he needed us, but because he wanted to create us to display his glory. But you know, that aspect of God goes even further than God’s act of creation.
God does not need us even today. God, if he so chose, could bring about the salvation of the world miraculous acts that involve no one but himself. However, God loves us so much that he chooses to use us as his agents for bringing salvation to the world. We are God’s messengers of hope. WOW, for those of you who continue to believe that Christianity is some sort of stiff and stodgy religion, consider the relationship that we share with the Creator of the universe. God desires to redeem the world, and he uses his relationship with us, the redeemed, to carry hope to the world.
I know my readership is small, but I do hope that as you read today, or whenever, that you will be blown away by the opportunities that God graciously gives to his people. For goodness sakes, I sometimes don’t even trust other people to take care of my dog, and God trusts us to deliver his plan to the world. Don’t tell me that Jesus isn’t the most extreme leader the world has ever seen; he has enabled us to carry his message across the globe. He did not and does not need us, but God chooses to use us.

Somebody scream…this is awesome!
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