Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How Do We Get There?

I am still so very excited to be a part of everything that is going on at Malvern Hill, but I’m not satisfied with where we are. I have to admit that I am a blog junky. I read blogs for fun and for information. Many of the blogs I read are of other pastors and even church planters. Reading these blogs, I have to admit that I get a little jealous sometimes at the number of people some people are reaching.

I just read about a church that had more than forty people give their lives to Christ this past Sunday. WOW! That assures me that it is possible. God is still working in our day and he desires, just as he always has, to draw sinners unto himself. God is an awesome God, let’s get as many people to him as possible.

How do we get there? We get excited, stay excited, and keep working for our church, sharing the great news of Christ and sharing the story of the exciting things going on at our church. I’m convinced that our greatest responsibility as a church is living out the Great Commission—that means winning people to Jesus, not anything else. Regardless of where we’ve been, where we need to be is winning people to the Lord. So, how do we get there? Open your mouth, practice what you preach, take Jesus to the world and bring the world to Malvern Hill, and then hang on for God’s blessing, it is going to blow you away!

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Charles said...

Yes, winning people to the Lord should be the Church's (Malvern Hill's) most important goal. But, Salvation without an infrastructure of discipleship will lead to some problems. The lost world has all sorts of 24/7 options for indoctrinating and training their humanists converts. But, most of us Christians still just seek 1-3 hours a week of Christian Fellowship/Discipleship(mostly on Sunday and maybe a few Wednesdays) and then we wonder why our Christian lives are mediocre. Therefore I propose the real fist goal is threefold - to win people to the Kingdom of Heaven, to train them to put on the Armor of God, and to equip them with the answers and knowledge they need to help them continue on the Great Commission. In conclusion, the whole church has to be involved in welcoming the new converts and showing them Christian love and what it really means to be a follower of Christ. This means more Sunday School classes, new member/new Christian classes, Sunday evening discipleship classes, small group studies, and establishing new friendships and bonds. We all have to make this a 24/7 effort in order for their to be effective.