Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Have Become Resistant To Change

I have become that which I have so often loathed. I, Craig Thompson, am resistant to change. I really didn't realize it until Tuesday night. Angela and I had talked about the need for Wyatt to go to bed all by himself without Daddy and we both agreed that it was a good idea. Tuesday night was our first experience. We read God's Big Picture Storybook Bible together, he told Mommy, Sissie, and Rowdy (our dog) goodnight (kissing each one individually) and down the hall he and I went. He climbed into bed with his monkey and covered up with his manket (thats how he says blanket). I knelt beside him and we said our prayers (which you should all hear, he is awesome), I kissed him on the head, told him goodnight, and I left. Much to my amazement, he did not come toddling down the hall...he just went to sleep.


It is great that dad does not have to lay down with Wyatt to get him to bed now and it is wonderful that our son is growing and maturing, but I don't have to like it. Seriously, it is tough to see him grow up (he now says AMEN instead of MAYMEN) even when I know it is absolutely what he needs.

I now understand why many in our churches are resistant to change. It's tough to see the things you love change. We love our worship style, or the way the preacher dresses, or that song that reminds me of dear old grandma, and so we resist change. Only, in the church it is somewhat easier that it is with my son. I can't stop him from growing, but a small group of people with a mindset to do so can stop a church from growing.

I don't like Wyatt growing up, but I would appreciate you all being sensitive to my discomfort in this area. Likewise, we must be sensitive to the discomfort of those in the church who are resistant to change. However, just as I must accept the fact that Wyatt is growing and rejoice that God is fulfilling his purpose in my son by maturing him physically, mentally, and spiritually; we as church members must embrace change that results in the fulfillment of God's purpose for his church...the Great Commission.

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Anonymous said...

I really like this comparison. Great job.

(I also like the Wyatt pictures.)


Scott Taylor said...

Wait until he starts telling you, "Daddy, I can do it myself".

Chris said...

This is an awesome way of explaining change! I don't like change much, either - why fix it when it's not broken? I will say this, though, sometimes change IS a good thing. For instance: If James doesn't hurry up and CHANGE his behavior - I'm not sure is going to go crazy first! Me? Him? :)

Chris :)