Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the Life God Blesses

Wow, that title sure sounds like a self-help book, but its not. It is absolutely true that we can't predict blessings from God, but I do believe we can put ourselves in the way of God to experience his blessings. This isn't prosperity preaching, so don't tune me out yet, but I believe it is godly. You see, we position ourselves to experience God's blessings when we are focused on honoring him and working at all things as unto him.

You want God to bless you with money? Here's the plan from God: if you don't work, you don't eat, so work hard and see the blessing that God gives you. Do you want a great marriage, pray to God and love your wife as Christ loves his church. That's God's plan for marriage. God's blessing may still require our work--they usually do.

We miss God's blessings sometimes because we lose focus. We mess up and then want to claim that God didn't bless it. This happens a lot in churches, they struggle to impact their culture and refuse to change, and then say that God didn't want to bless them. Maybe God did desire to bless and it was the church who lost their main focus. The church's focus should be on the glory of God and the salvation of sinners. It is no wonder that God's blessings seem to be missing from churches focused on hair styles, women's fashion, or carpet color. Focus on the things of God. God desires to work in the ordinary things of life. Will you maintain focus in the ordinary things of life to experience the extraordinary blessings that God has in store.

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