Thursday, November 29, 2007


Today I learned that even athiests are sponsoring Sunday School...who knew? Read about that here if you are interested.

I guess that caught my eye because Sunday School has been on my mind so much lately. We have a wonderful problem. In some areas, we are outgrowing our facilities. I have racked my brain over how to make more space for these growing classes, but this week I was reminded that maybe space isn't what we need. The first thing we need to do is ask God what he would like for us to do and then look for the answer he gives us.

I know that sounds a bit ambiguous, but just listen for a minute. Often times in leadership, we get so set on doing things a certain way that we neglect to look for other ways to operate. So, churches will often jump ill-advised to a two-service model, or begin a building program, or purchase new equipment or land because that seems to be the next logical step without ever praying for God's direction and looking for his hand at work. As leaders in God's church, we must always remember that God is never surprised or unprepared. When we grow as the church, it is not because of our work, God alone is responsible for bringing about the harvest. If indeed it is God who brings the harvest, shouldn't we trust him to prepare the barns as well?

Maybe instead of more space, God says multiply into more opportunities.
Who knows, maybe God doesn't want bigger barns, maybe he prefers for his workers to be in the fields...just a thought for you to consider.
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Anonymous said...

Best insight yet. Good things can be as distractive as bad things if we lose focus on our real purpose. Fellowship with other Christians and teachings should lead followers to a closer relationship with God. A bigger building has never saved a soul.